Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) is made of particle board that laminated with melamine paper.

MFC is considered as an environmentally friendly because of the use of particle/chipboard but aesthetically versatile in use since the decorative melamine available in many collections to serve various projects. Including great variation in natural wood tone colors and textures to choose from.

As MFC is definitely gaining more popularity in international market, in 2019 PT. Rimba Partikel Indonesia decided to start producing its own MFC in collaboration with AICA. And surely for the last decade, global trends are shifting towards more environmentally-friendly material as an option to build products. And with lower cost material in mind, MFC become the viable option for efficiency.

The Advantages of MFC:

Resistance to chemical/stainless, scratch, heat, steam, and more.

Optimal surface property with smooth texture and easy to clean.

Aesthetic visual look with comprehensive design variations to choose.

Easy to install, user-friendly for further processing.

No additional finishing/surfacing stage required.

Download RPI MFC catalogue to view all our color collection and detail specification.

Download MFC Catalogue

Production Process

Our product's wood material originated from 95% planted tree and 5% FSC material. RPI are required to conduct survey to all our supplier on legality and have high reliability supply chains as Sumitomo Forestry Group Procurement Policy.


We can customized special specification particle board based on requirement request. Our R&B Division can develop product variation to meet your need.

High consistency product output and delivery time precision is established in our factory working procedure to ensure customer expectation and satisfaction.

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