A manufacturing company dedicated to the creation of upcycle product with value.

PT. Rimba Partikel Indonesia (RPI) has been long-known as the leading high quality particle board manufacturer in Indonesia, and one of the largest production capacity in Java Island.

It is the company’s mission to utilizing wood waste from local sources to create innovative products with high practical-function while reducing environmental pollution. Developing local social impact and contributing to the wellness of every stakeholder are also priorities for RPI.

Today’s market trend of using upcycled products that has more value to nature is inline with both of RPI’s product.

RPI manufacturing facility is equipped with 9-feet wide ContiRoll press by Siempelkamp (Germany), which is the first in Asia. ContiRoll press has the capability of producing raw board with 8 to 9 feet width. Thus, it is possible to produce wide array of various size of products.

Our high quality homogeneous particle board is created using local plywood raw material originated from PT. Kayu Lapis Indonesia (KLI) and many other wood waste obtained from the surrounding area.

RPI Production process control is based on JIS Certification standard, an we are proud to be the only company certified by it in Indonesia. We are also certified with various high quality standard manufacturer and product certifications that required by our clients, such as JIS U-13, CARB-P2, US-EPA, JIS M-18, JIS S-18, and FSC-COC.


We can customized special specification particle board based on requirement request. Our R&B Division can develop product variation to meet your need.

High consistency product output and delivery time precision is established in our factory working procedure to ensure customer expectation and satisfaction.

Protecting Nature Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

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