RPI CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

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RPI CSR : Protecting Nature Sustainability

The decreasing extent of tropical rain forests has become a global problem. With a strong commitment PT. Rimba Partikel Indonesia has sought to protect the environment by preserving nature which implemented in the RPI CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs focused on greening activities. One of them, by giving seedlings free of charge to people who wants to plant tree on their land and buy back once the tree has grown. It also impact the economy while helping to improve people’s welfare.

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On May 2002, RPI inaugurated the nursery center in the village of Meteseh, Boja District, which is ±25 Km from the factory. This facility would produce Acacia Mangium, Gmelina Arborea, and Eucalyptus Pellita seeds. Nursery center spans 4.5 Ha, producing 1,500,000 seedlings annually, including various additional types.

Tree species are chosen for ease of cultivation in Kendal and nearby areas, thriving even on marginal or unproductive land. These trees fall into the category of Fast Growing Species (FGS), allowing for harvest at the age of 4-5 years. They are suitable for planting along roadways, in office yards, homes, schools, or on privately owned land.

RPI Cooperation with PERHUTANI

In November 2006, RPI signed a planting cooperation contract with PERHUTANI UNIT I in Central Java, specifically entering the Semarang KPH area where in 4 years RPI planted approximately 2,500 Ha. In addition to government agencies, we also carry out collaborative planting program with communities that are members of the Forest Farmers Group (KTH) in various regions including Batang, Pekalongan, and Banjarnegara, even with KTH “Giri Yuwono” Duren Village, Pagedongan District, Banjarnegara District that we have developed can become champions. The First I of the Forest Farmers Group (KTH) in the framework of the National Level of Wana Lestari Greening and Conservation Nature in 2012. As of November 2017 we have distributed more than 12 million seedlings.

corporate social responsibility

RPI CSR programs aimed to fulfill Particle Board raw material needs, fostering a sustainable production cycle. Eligible raw material trees must have a diameter of 8-25 cm; trunk shape need not be straight or large.

We store Zero-emission Wet Dust waste, let it decompose, and then use it as a growing medium for Gmelina Arborea.

RPI maintains an unwavering commitment to nature conservation and reforestation by consistently developing environmentally friendly products.

To secure 20% of future wood material required, RPI plans to expand its plantation area to 2.215 Ha by 2026.

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