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MFC Catalog Surface Embossing Types

Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) has emerged as a prime choice in the interior design and furniture industry, owing to its combination of strength, durability, and outstanding aesthetics. One aspect that adds to the allure of MFC is the array of embossed surface types available, offering designers and consumers more choices in creating unique and beautiful spaces. 

Currently RPI’s Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) has four types of embossed surfaces: Alutex (Orange Faced), Soft Alutex (Sand), Flat (Plain) and Woodgrain (Rainy).

1. Alutex (Orange Faced)

The Alutex (Orange Faced) type brings a touch of boldness to the world of MFC. With its prominent, orange peel-like embossing, Alutex creates furniture that becomes the focus of attention. Suitable for spaces that need a touch of energy and warmth, this type brings an alluring sense of playfulness.

2. Soft Alutex (Sand)

Soft Alutex (Sand) adds a dimension of softness to interior design. Finely embossed and like soothing fine sand, this type creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Ideal for relaxing spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms, Soft Alutex brings a touch of softness to any design.

3. Flat (Plain)

The Flat embossed surface type on MFC offers the beauty of timeless simplicity. With a smooth and flat surface, this type provides a clean and elegant look. Suitable for a range of modern or classic interior designs, Flat allows furniture and other design elements to shine with their own grace.

4. Woodgrain (Rainy)

Woodgrain (Rainy) brings the warmth of nature indoors. With textures mimicking natural wood grains and colours that evoke a calming rainy ambiance, this type creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Suitable for designs that appreciate natural beauty and warmth.

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