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RPI Update

RPI Update: Berita perusahaan kami, produk baru, ulasan produk, aktivitas staf, pameran lokal dan internal.


Acara kami, kisah mitra, kegiatan ramah lingkungan, pemberdayaan masyarakat, dan tanggung jawab sosial perusahaan.


Proyek kami, inspirasi produk, tips & trik, DIY, dan studi kasus.

MDF vs MFC MFC Board

MFC vs MDF, Mana Yang Lebih Bagus?

MFC and MDF are quite popular materials used in making vanities for bathrooms and also kitchen cabinets. Both materials have a texture that is comfortable ...
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Particle Board by PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia Particle Board

Karakteristik Partikel Board: Informasi Penting

The main use of particle board is for furniture that creates the underlayment and as the substrate for countertops. All power tools having moderate tear-out ...
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MFC Board

Membuat Desain Produk Kantor Paling Menarik Menggunakan MFC

Most working people will spend almost half of their time in the office. So creating a comfortable working in an office environment is a must. ...
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Fake Latter Blog

False Advertising in China: Particle Board Products by RPI

PT. Rimba Partikel Indonesia does not issue such letters, and the particle board in the photograph is not made of RPI. We are a joint venture company in which ...
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HMR Partikel Board Particle Board

HMR Partikel Board: Temukan 3 Keuntungan yang Harus Anda Ketahui!

Choosing the right material before building a house is very important. Areas often exposed to hot temperatures or in humid areas require special attention. You ...
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Melamine Board (MFC Board) by Rimba Partikel Indonesia MFC Board

MFC Board: Bahan Permukaan yang Dibagikan oleh Aplikasi

Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC Board) is one of the interior designs for furniture making. It is very aesthetically pleasing to decorate your home with MFC ...
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