Particle board as a wood alternative material has been used for decades by furniture and interior manufacturer.

Even though solid wood is stronger than particle board, in term of cost, particle board is the better choice and more valuable because it made of wood waste thus it’s greener for the environment.

Nowadays with the continuous development of our production technology, RPI Particle Board quality is better than before. It can resist more temperature and humidity change, stronger against tensile and pressure stress.

RPI Particle Board is also well known for its high quality flat surface and size accuracy. We’ve been certified by JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) since 2007. JIS Certification requires a high-level quality management system through qualification audit process and also product testing. This proves that RPI is a high quality particle board manufacturer.

RPI Particle Board Specification

Thickness (mm)

9 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 20 / 25

Size (ft.)

4x6 / 4x8 / 4x9 / 3x6 / 3x8 / 3x9 / 3x10


Urea Formaldehyde/ Melamine Urea Formaldehyde

Bonding Strength

13 & 18 Type

Formaldehyde Emission

JIS F (E0S),
 (E0), F (E1),

Production Process

Our product's wood material originated from 95% planted tree and 5% FSC material. RPI are required to conduct survey to all our supplier on legality and have high reliability supply chains as Sumitomo Forestry Group Procurement Policy.


We can customized special specification particle board based on requirement request. Our R&B Division can develop product variation to meet your need.

High consistency product output and delivery time precision is established in our factory working procedure to ensure customer expectation and satisfaction.

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