Particle Board for Wall in Japanese House

Particle board or chipboard is one of the most popular materials in the furniture and interior industry. Particle board is a composite panel product consisting of cellulosic particles of different sizes held together with a synthetic resin or binder under heat and pressure. 

You can use this type of board for many applications, mostly for furniture. But, did you know that you can use this board for walls ? In this article we will discuss why you should choose this particle for wall application!

Chipboard for Wall Application

Choosing the right material before building a house is very important. Especially for areas that are often exposed to hot temperatures or are in humid areas. If you are still confused about what material to use, HMR chipboard could be a good choice.

Particle board is a material that has a dense structure and is resistant to extreme weather. So this material will remain durable. Even if the hot or humid temperature in the kitchen hits the particle board.

So that you don’t hesitate to use it, let’s find out the various advantages of this material. 

  1. Cost Effective

You can find the use of chipboard on walls in Japanese houses. A simple but still elegant design is a very popular Japanese house style. Using this board for wall application makes your house look elegant without spending a lot of money.

  1. Durable and Easy to Clean

Particle board used for walls is the melamine type. Melamine is a material that is affordable and durable, waterproof and shatterproof. It is also easy to clean and the surface does not age. Even though melamine is not as strong as solid wood, it can survive in various environments.

  1. Scratch Resistant

Melamine this board is a combination of chipboard that is glued with decorative melamine sheets using high heat and pressure. The results of this combination make particle board stronger, more beautiful and not easily scratched

Now you don’t wonder why many people in Japan use melamine this particle for their walls in houses. Are melamine boards attractive to use in your home ? You should choose the best melamine board.

The Best Melamine Particle Board for Wall Application

This particle for the wall must have the best quality. You should choose melamine type so you can get many advantages like durable, easy to clean, scratch resistant and many more. By choosing a chipboard you not only get those advantages but you also protect the environment. 

You can get the best quality of melamine this particle from PT. Rimba Partikel Indonesia. You can get any color you want, because PT. Rimba Partikel Indonesia provides more than 145 colors. Not only that, you can also get the melamine board particle at an affordable price. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money. 

PT. Rimba Particle Indonesia is certified as a safe wood waste management. We are part of the resources that support environmental welfare. So you don’t need to worry anymore about buying particle board from us. What are you waiting for? Contact us in this link and you can get the best quality particle board.

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