Particle Board: The Raw Material Sources and Advantages

In the construction and furniture industry, the materials used are crucial to creating high-quality and durable products. One of the most popular materials in recent decades is particle board. Its cost-efficiency and sustainability are important points in the use of particle board.

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the raw materials of particle board and some of its advantages. If you are considering using this material in furniture making, ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of all the important points.

Partikel Board

What is Particle Board and Its Advantages?

Particle board, also known as chipboard, is a type of composite panel made of sawdust, wood fibers, or even wood waste powder glued tightly with an adhesive. Some raw materials can be obtained from:

1. Waste Wood from a Home Wood Industry

Home wood industry certainly leaves a lot of wood waste. This waste can come from a variety of sources, including wood cutting, furniture manufacturing, or wood construction projects.The management of this waste wood can vary depending on the industrial practices and policies used in the home wood industry.

2. Waste Wood Scraps from Timber Companies

Similar to the home wood industry, some timber companies must also leave a lot of waste that can be utilized. As explained above, all the processes must have been arranged by the relevant management so that the waste from wood can be used and recycled into basic materials for making various construction and other purposes.

3. Wood from Trees Felled Around the House or Roadside

Besides being able to be obtained from home industry waste or some companies, you can also get chipboard raw materials from the scraps of tree cuts that are deliberately cut near the house or roadside.

Those are some of the sources of raw materials, then the advantages of this material are;

First, the price is more affordable than solid wood or plywood. Second, it is environmentally friendly because it helps reduce wood waste. And last, it has good dimensional stability, meaning that it does not easily stretch or shrink due to changes in temperature and humidity.

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Those are some information related to the source of particle board raw materials and some of its advantages. For more details about our products, please click the following link. Come and contact us now!

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