Harga Partikel Board (Particle Board Price)

Nowadays, wooden furniture is becoming a favourite for some people. The existence of wooden furniture at home, can make the room look beautiful and aesthetic. However, not everyone can have it because the price is quite expensive.
But take it easy, because you can use particle board as an alternative choice because the price of particle board (harga partikel board) is cheaper.
Particle board is a type of wood made from leftover pieces or sawdust and synthetic adhesives that are pressed and moulded. Usually, particle board is used as a material for cabinets, kitchen panels, wall panels, bookshelves, or other home furniture.

Harga Partikel Board

Low Particle Board Price (Harga Partikel Board)

Of course, the price of particle board is much cheaper than real wood. This is what makes more and more people switch to furniture made of particle board.
Even though it is cheaper, but the appearance of furniture made from this material is no less chic than furniture made from real wood.
However, maybe not everyone knows about this particle board.

Particle Board Characteristics:

  1. Has a Light Weight
    As you know, solid wood furniture is heavy, and it takes a lot of effort to lift it. But it’s different with particle board furniture that actually has a light weight.
    Of course, this light weight is because particle board is made of compacted sawdust. So with this advantage, you can easily move the particle board furniture as you wish.
  2. Has High Absorbency
    Unfortunately, particle board has high absorbency. That means, furniture made of particle board is not weatherproof and prone to moisture.
    Therefore, you should place the particle board furniture in a place that has good ventilation, but not exposed to raindrops.
  3. Using Paste Finishing
    Due to its composition of pressed and molded sawdust, particle board possesses large pores. This makes it very difficult to paint this type of wood.
    Instead, particle board usually uses paste finishing to enhance its surface.
  4. Easy to Disassemble
    Large wooden furniture is certainly very difficult to move, right? Especially if the size is bigger than the door, then you need a strategy to get it into the house.
    But this is not a problem if you use furniture made of particle board.
  5. Cheap Particle Board Price
    As mentioned above, the price of particle board is much cheaper than solid wood. Of course, this can be an alternative for those of you who don’t have the budget to buy solid wood furniture.
    With a limited budget, you can still have beautiful furniture that can make the room more aesthetic.

Particle Board Prices at PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia

PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia is a manufacturing company that produces the best quality particle board.
With experience since 1980, we have fulfilled the particle board needs of many customers.

If there is an emerging interest in making furniture from particle board, making the right decision involves purchasing it from us. Visit PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia’s website for booking and more information.

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