HMR Particle Board: Discover 3 Advantages You Should Know!

Choosing the right material before building a house is very important. Areas often exposed to hot temperatures or in humid areas require special attention. You can consider HMR particle board as a good choice if you’re still confused about what material to use.

Particle board is a material that has a dense structure and is resistant to extreme weather. The hot temperatures in the kitchen area or humid temperatures will not damage this material. So that you don’t hesitate to use it, let’s find out the various advantages of this material.

HMR Partikel Board

3 Advantages of HMR Particle Board for Buildings

Sawmill shavings and wood chips make high moisture resistance particle board or HMR. Resin combines these two materials to create a strong but lightweight material. Here are 3 advantages of using HMR particle board that you should know.

  1. High Quality Material

Compared to chipboard in general, HMR actually has higher quality. You can use this material for areas that have high humidity temperatures, such as kitchens and bathrooms for this reason.

Compared to ordinary wood, HMR products are much more durable. It’s because of the use of additional materials such as resin and binding materials such as lignin. Also, the price of HMR chipboard is much more affordable than ordinary natural wood. 

  1. Suitable for Areas with High Humidity

The material choice for humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms is often confusing. Choose a material that humid temperatures do not easily damage, or make moldy, slippery, or porous.

This material has a very dense structure and particles, so humid temperatures will not easily damage it. Apart from that, the dense surface also makes the HMR chipboard material not easily moldy. A surface that is not moldy will certainly be safer from bacteria or germs.

  1. Strong and Not Easily Damage

The last advantage of HMR chipboard is that the material is strong and not easily damaged. Termites generally risk damaging materials that are made from wood. But this material is very safe from termites because of its tight surface and dense structure.

So those are the various advantages of HMR-type particle board that you should know. About the price, you don’t need to worry because this material is quite affordable. Especially if you buy the particle board from a trusted place like PT Rimba Particle Indonesia.

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You need to know that there are many types of particle board, one of which is HMR. Before buying, you have to know the factory that provides this material with the best quality. One that you can choose is PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia.

Our company is the largest in Indonesia and provides the best quality chipboard. Regarding the manufacturing process, you don’t need to worry. We carry out production by paying attention to the impact on the surrounding environment. Our company has equipped the manufacturing process with a ContiRoll press machine made in Germany, which is the first in Asia. So don’t hesitate any longer, apart from being safe for the environment, RPI’s HMR Particle Board products are also strong and available in various sizes.

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