MFC Board: Surface Material Shared by Application

Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC Board) is one of the interior designs for furniture making. It is very aesthetically pleasing to decorate your home with MFC board. Since, these materials have gained popularity in recent years, including in Southeast Asia due to their quality.

Melamine-faced chipboard is a versatile and affordable material that offers various benefits for your interior design. Below are the surface material trends applications in Southeast Asia and where the melamine-faced chipboard is.

Melamine Board by Rimba Partikel Indonesia

Definitions and Advantages Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC Board)

Making melamine-faced chipboard is by compressing wood fibers or particles then coating them with decorative melamine resin. Melamine and formaldehyde giving a smooth surface is the main composition of this house’s design material that you could apply in any furniture.

Despite the smooth texture, you could use these board with a durable surface that can take a long time to apply in your house’s design.  In addition, the lamination process also increases the strength of the board which makes it an ideal choice for various applications.

In Southeast Asia, there are nearly 50% of home furniture applications with MFC board materials. As a multi-functional surfacing material, melamine-faced chipboard is definitely gaining trend. Therefore, this happens because of its ease of use in several interior designs.

Below are some explanation of the usage of MFC in house furniture:

  1. Kitchen

The biggest application of MFC is in the kitchen. Many people have applied this material for kitchen sets or kitchen walls.

  1. Living Room/ Bathroom

Another application of Melamine-Faced Chipboard is in the living room or bathroom. People tend to use it for its simplicity.

  1. Commercial Furniture

Another use of MFC is as commercial furniture. It turns out many people also function the MFC for commercial furniture, not only for house interior design.

  1. Shop Fitting

The fourth largest application of Melamine-Faced Chipboard is for shop fitting. There are many shops in the mall that apply this material for fitting room walls. 

Melamine-Faced Chipboard in PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia

After knowing the application of surface material of melamine-faced chipboard, you could finally get the product in PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia (RPI).

As one of the largest production capacities in Java, RPI produces high-quality particle boards on various items. Therefore, we transform local woodwaste into practical, innovative products, reducing pollution and promoting sustainability.

We prioritize the development of local social impact and contribute to the wellness of every stakeholder. To satisfy the customer, we only provide products with high-quality materials at a competitive price that you can compare to other companies.

Our melamine-faced chipboard is more economical and sustainable than you could buy to beautify your interior. At an affordable price, our melamine-faced chipboard is an economical choice for your minimum budget with high need. 

RPI has become the expertise in providing melamine-faced chipboard and other products with sustainable action. Thus, you can fulfill your need for a particle board with a melamine-faced chipboard from us. Besides, our product is well-made with high-quality standards. Besides, our products are already certified so you can buy original and legal products from us. Come visit our website here to communicate with our team to buy the best melamine faced chipboard for your needs with a suitable budget.

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