Advantages of Using Melamine Faced Chipboard in Kitchenware

Melamine Faced Chipboard

Peoples often consider the kitchen as the heart of a home. In this case, choosing the right material for its construction and design is very important. Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) has gained popularity in the manufacturing of kitchen sets.

This article discusses the various advantages of using MFC in creating a stylish and functional kitchen set. For that, see the following RPI discussion until the end!

Is Melamine Faced Chipboard the Right Choice for Your Kitchenware?

Melamine Faced Chipboard

If you need a strong building material, you might be considering melamine for your project. While it’s known for being waterproof and not suitable for microwaves, it might not be as durable as some other materials.

Still, if you’re planning to install kitchen cabinets, melamine could be an ideal choice. Why? Here are 4 reason!

1. Melamine Faced Chipboard is a Type of Plastic

Manufacturers produce melamine particle board from a non-recyclable plastic called melamine, unlike other plastics. It’s important to dispose of or recycle it properly to avoid adding it to landfills. Luckily, there are other options available.

Manufacturers use melamine, an organic compound, in the production of particleboard and plywood. In its basic form, melamine is organic, but it turns synthetic when used as a thermosetting plastic.

Commonly coating particleboard, plywood, and MDF, melamine provides a scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant laminate finish, making it widely used, particularly in cabinet construction and various industries, owing to its durability.

Melamine particle board consists of two melamine layers fused to the particle board core. It comes in different colors and is slightly softer than regular particle board. While it’s cheaper and more eco-friendly than particle board, it’s not as durable and may contain potentially harmful substances.

The main ingredient in melamine particle board is melamine, a polymer composed of 67% nitrogen and 33% carbon.

2. It is Waterproof

Melamine is an affordable and durable material that’s waterproof and resistant to breakage. It’s easy to clean, and its surface remains in good condition over time.

While not as strong as solid wood, it can withstand various environments. Improper installation may cause chipping and warping, but sealing the edges with edge banding can prevent this drawback.

When considering a particle board for outdoor projects, it’s crucial to check its waterproof properties. 

Manufacturers create particleboard by mixing small wood pieces with a synthetic resin or wax binder, followed by heating and pressing the mixture into sheets.

However, it’s not as robust as solid lumber or plywood. Additionally, particleboard easily absorbs water, making it less suitable for outdoor projects.

3. Modular and Functional Design

Modern kitchens often prioritize functionality and efficiency. MFC’s adaptability to modular design allows for the creation of custom storage solutions, pull-out drawers, and innovative organizational features.

Homeowners can maximize storage space while maintaining a cohesive and modern look throughout the kitchen.

4. It’s Easy to Clean

The sleek melamine plastic is a great option for the kitchen due to its easy-clean nature. Its smooth surface allows for easy wiping away of spills from sauces, oil, and food.

Unlike MDF, there’s no concern about unintentionally scratching or denting the material during cleaning, which could expose the underlying wood fibers.

Those are some of the advantages of MFC for kitchenware that are important for you to know as a consideration if you are still hesitant to use it. 

Its ability to adapt to various design trends, from handle-less cabinets to glossy finishes, positions melamine faced chipboard as the material of choice for contemporary kitchen designs.

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