Know The MFC Board Price And Its Advantages

In the world of construction, price is often used as a determining factor in material selection. However, how do you find affordable products or materials without sacrificing quality? therefore, see the following explanation regarding the affordable MFC Board price with various advantages, as well as the reasons why you need to use MFC board for all your construction material needs.

Get to know the MFC Board Price

In the construction industry, wood has long been one of the most popular types of materials. The natural beauty and structural strength of wood makes it a popular choice for a variety of projects.

However, with the increasing need for affordable and environmentally friendly construction materials, MFC board has emerged as an attractive alternative at a fairly affordable price.

There are two types of MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) that are commonly used, namely ordinary MFC and moisture resistant MFC.

One of the main advantages of MFC material is its affordable price. Apart from that, the smooth surface texture also provides an aesthetic appearance.

Another advantage is the ease of the cleaning process, making it more practical to maintain.

With a choice of furniture made from MFC and steel, you can create a residence or office that is functional, comfortable and has a visually attractive appearance.

MFC Board Price

4 Melamine Faced Chipboard Price Variants

Currently, MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) wood is a very popular construction material. The prices of MFC boards offered also vary, this is based on the various variants on the market and what type you need.

The following are various MFC board variants available on the market, so you can choose the one that best suits your construction project needs.

  1. Ordinary MFC Board

Ordinary MFC board is a variant commonly used in various construction projects. Ordinary MFC wood has medium density and good structural strength.

This material can be used to make cupboards, tables, partitions and other elements. With its affordable price, regular MFC board is a popular choice for projects on a limited budget.

Apart from that, ordinary MFC board is also easy to process and process according to your project needs.

  1. MFC Board is Moisture Resistant

If your project involves a room with high humidity levels, such as a bathroom or kitchen, moisture-resistant MFC board is an ideal choice.

This variant is equipped with additional protection that makes it more resistant to exposure to water and humidity.

Moisture resistant MFC board is also very suitable for use in outdoor furniture projects that are directly exposed to weather elements.

  1. MFC Board with PVC Coated Surface

The MFC board variant with a PVC-coated surface offers an elegant appearance and extra protection against scratches and stains.

PVC coating provides a more durable and easy-to-clean surface, making it a good choice for projects that require a surface that is resistant to damage or environments that require regular cleaning.

  1. MFC Board with Printed Wood Paper

MFC board with printed wood paper offers a look similar to real wood. These moldings provide a realistic wood texture and pattern, providing a natural aesthetic that many designers and project owners desire.

With this variant, you will get a beautiful wooden appearance without having to sacrifice the strength and durability of the MFC board.

MFC board with printed wood paper also offers advantages in terms of ease of maintenance, because it does not require special care like the maintenance required by solid wood.

Rimba Particle Indonesia: The Place to Get the Best MFC Board Prices!

One of the main reasons why MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) is a popular choice is because of its affordability.

Additionally, MFC boards have proven to be an excellent choice in terms of strength, beauty, and reliability. So when choosing an MFC board, it is important to pay attention to reliable manufacturers.

PT Rimba Particles Indonesia providing MFC boards at competitive prices without sacrificing board quality. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality particle board in Indonesia.

We prioritize product quality and preserve the environment by utilizing wood waste from local sources.

By, we produce MFC boards with practical functions that comply with international quality standards.

Competitive MFC board prices are an economical choice for contractors and project owners. By using MFC, you can save construction costs without reducing the strength and quality of your project.

This is why the MFC board from PT Rimba Particle Indonesia is a smart choice. With competitive prices, MFC board offers an affordable solution that maintains the structural strength required in construction projects.

We can also customize particle board to special specifications based on your requests and needs.

Our team can develop a variety of products to meet all your home or office furniture needs.

With our experience and expertise in this industry, we are ready to help you find the MFC wood variant that best suits your construction project needs.

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