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Indonesia is included in most countries with the largest timber income. No wonder there are various types of wood used as industrial materials, one of which is particle board. This wood material has many variants, one of which is particle board 15mm.

However, do you already know about this particle board? Here we present an explanation of the wood material and its advantages.

Get to know Particle Board 15mm

Particle board is a type of layered wood that is often called plywood or modern plywood . Sometimes people also refer to it as LDF or Low Density Fiberboard.

This material is processed wood made from wood pieces with synthetic adhesives. It is made with a press system, then extruded or molded to size.

Using particle board means you are participating in nature conservation. This is because particle board is recycled. Starting from the remaining pieces of wood, fragments, to sawdust that are pressed and formed into one in various layers.

Generally, each layer is 3mm in size. But this size is not fixed, because you can find particle board with a thicker size.

Different sizes, of course, differ in quality and durability. However, the general advantages are definitely the same, because they are made from the same material.

Curious about the advantages possessed by this material, especially particle board 15mm? The following is an explanation of its uses and advantages.

Uses of Particle Board 15mm and its Advantages

Usually, particle board is widely used for the process of making furniture. Both furniture at home, office, or even in public places.

Currently, there are also many who use it for decoration purposes and even non-structural construction. Such as to make flooring, wall panels, and many others.

When viewed from the results of its use, this material is able to provide a fairly long life. Especially if used for furniture, especially using the 15mm particle board variant.

With more thickness, of course, the level of durability is much higher. For the price, it is still quite affordable, not much different from the general size, which is 9mm.

Apart from its durable strength, particle board also has other advantages. Here’s the full explanation.

Various Advantages of Particle Board

The advantages of particle board are certainly not only from the level of durability and affordability.

There are still many other advantages that will certainly give you an advantage when choosing this material as raw material. Especially if you choose the particle board 18mm variant. Here are the advantages that you can feel when choosing this material.

Thermo-acoustic Insulation

Thermo-acoustic is a property that allows the silencing of sound intensity. No wonder particle board is widely used as a material for speaker products, theater ceilings, auditoriums, and many other types of places.

This thermo-acoustic property is of course very beneficial, especially if used for the purposes of making musical / acoustic instruments.

Environmentally Friendly Products

As we mentioned earlier, particle board is a material made from recycled materials. Of course, its use is very environmentally friendly.

Indirectly, if you use this material, then you have become one of the participants who care about nature.

The remaining pieces of wood, sawdust, chips, and wood fibers no longer need to be disposed of. Waste will be reduced and the cutting down of trees for furniture and construction purposes can also be reduced. Very environmentally friendly, isn’t it?

Suitable for Beautifying the Room

Nowadays, almost all residential houses are made with their own characteristics and beauty. No need to spend a lot of money, you can use particle board as an affordable yet aesthetic raw material.

Especially if you coat it with extra veneer or paint in a color that matches the concept of the house. It is certain that the finishing result will be much more beautiful than you expected.

Strong Durability

Apart from being durable, particle board is also a material that does not bend or deform easily. Especially if you choose 15mm particle board. it will definitely be much stronger and more durable.

Even so, the weight of this material is still quite light. So you will not feel heavy or overwhelmed to move it from one place to another.

It also allows particle board to be used not only for home furniture , but also for office furniture .

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance aspect of course cannot be ignored. Significant attention must also be carefully considered. As much as possible, you should look for materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

As with particle board, you don’t need to bother to clean and maintain it. Of course, you need to prepare a fine cloth and dusters to clean the dust.

First, you can use the dusters to clean the dust that sticks to the particle board. Then proceed with wetting a little rag with water or special cleaning fluid that is safe for wood.

Wipe the particle board thoroughly and evenly. If you think it’s enough, then you can stop it, and the cleaning is done.

For another maintenance aspect, it would be better if you put the particle board furniture in a place with adequate ventilation. A place that allows stable air circulation.

That way, your furniture is guaranteed to be strong and safe from damage, so it will probably last longer.

Screw Resistant Material

The level of resistance to screw capacity is also one of the reasons why particle board is widely used, especially for the particle board 15mm variant. Compared to other types of wood, particle board 18mm is much more resistant to screws.

The possibility of the material breaking or being damaged due to screw installation is very small. Both small and large screws can be installed easily on this material.

With the various advantages above, it must make you interested in using it as a raw material, right? Then, where can you get the best particle board products with superior quality?

Rimba Partikel Indonesia, a Trusted Particle Board Provider

To answer the above question is not difficult. PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia or often called RPI is a manufacturing company that has a high dedication to the creation of high-value upcycled products. You can get a wide range of the best particle board products here.

We not only provide particle board with various types, but also various sizes (Partikel Board 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm & 30mm). It is guaranteed that you will not run out because we always fulfill the stock for each type and size.

The price we charge is of course much more affordable than the others. With this price, you can already get our best products.

For complete information about our company and available products, you can visit the official website of Rimba Partikel Indonesia.

What are you waiting for? Immediately visit and contact our available contacts, and get the best 15mm particle board with superior quality only from us.

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