PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia Participates in Preserving Nature

PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia

PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia is a manufacturing company and has a certification to manage recycled wood materials to become particle board and MFC board products. All processes are environmentally friendly, neat, and the products are surely durable and resilient.

We have obtained the necessary certifications such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, CARB-P2, US-EPA, JIS M-18, JIS S-18, IS U-13, and FSC-COC. Therefore, we are a legal and trusted company in producing wood materials.

PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia Committed to Protect the Environment by Preserving Nature

As a step to preserve nature, we strongly have a commitment to protect the environment. How to do it by continuing to make significant contributions, both in program development, production stages, and others.

In May 2002, RPI started a nursery center in Meteseh Village, Boja District, which is approximately 25 km from the factory. This plant produces seeds of Acacia mangium, Gmelina arborea and Eucalyptus perita.

Scattered nursery centers are over 4.5 hectares and produce 1,500,000 seedlings annually, including a variety of other species.

We periodically sort the trees, because they are easy to grow in Kendal and surrounding areas and can grow on marginal or unproductive land. These trees are in the fast-growing species (FGS) category and we can harvest them within 4-5 years. Tree planting can be along roads, office parks, schools, private areas, etc.

In November 2006, we signed a planting cooperation contract with PERHUTANI UNIT 1 Central Java. By November 2017, we had distributed more than 12 million seedlings for planting in various locations.

Furthermore, in 2026, we plan to expand our plantation land to 2,215 Ha to secure 20% of our future wood material needs.

In addition to government agencies, we also carry out joint tree-planting programs. We work together with communities who are members of Forest Farmers Groups (KTH) in different regions such as Pekalongan, Batang, and Banjar Negara.

Thus, through a CSR program that focuses on reforestation activities. We have planted and distributed millions of tree seedlings. This aims to keep the presence of RPI in line with nature conservation.

Product Details of PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia

As explained earlier, we have superior particle board and MFC board products. Here are our product details in brief.

  1. Particle Board

Furniture manufacturers and interior designers have been using particle board as an alternative to wood for decades. RPI particle board is also good for its high quality, flat surface, and accuracy in size. Our company officially obtained JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) certification in 2007.

JIS certification requires an advanced quality control system through qualification screening and product testing. This proves that RPI is a manufacturer of high quality chipboards. The wood material in our products is 95% plantation wood and 5% FSC material.

Based on the Sumitomo Forestry Group Procurement Policy, RPI conducts legality investigations on all suppliers and strives to build a highly reliable supply chain.

  1. Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)

MFC is steadily gaining popularity in the international market. In 2019 PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia decided to start producing its own MFC in cooperation with AICA.

And indeed, the global trend has been towards more eco-friendly materials to make products. Also, considering the low material cost, MFC is a viable option to increase efficiency.

That’s some information related to PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia which strongly supports the preservation of nature by optimizing environmental protection. If you want to purchase the product, please visit the full offer page at the following link. Get our best products immediately!

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