Furniture Styles for Home and Why MFC is the Ideal Choice

Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) is emerging as a highly versatile material. As well as furniture manufacturing, it offers a unique blend of strength, aesthetic appeal and adaptability. With this, many homeowners are using it as a material for making furniture.

However, it is not uncommon that the selection of furniture styles often leaves many people confused, and how to customize it appropriately. For this reason, this time RPI will provide some reviews on the types of furniture styles for your home using Melamine Faced Chipboard.

Furniture Style and Match with Melamine Faced Chipboard

Choosing the right furniture style will greatly affect the comfort and aesthetics of your home. Besides the design, you also need to pay attention to other details. Such as the size, color, and quality of materials that must be in accordance with the function of each furniture.

There are several styles that you can choose from and these are also suitable if you combine with Melamine Faced Chipboard.

  1. Modern

Modern style in furniture design you can see with the clean lines pattern. It also focuses on functionality, and emphasizes materials such as metal and glass. MFC complements the Modern aesthetic with its sleek finishes and minimalist appeal.

Furniture made from MFC will provide durability and affordability. For example, a sleek cabinet or a minimalist table, which will also capture the essence of modernity.

  1. Minimalist

Minimalism revolves around simplicity, functionality, and an uncluttered aesthetic. MFC is an ideal choice for crafting Minimalist furniture due to its clean lines, neutral tones, and straightforward designs.

From minimalist bed frames to simple, elegant dining tables, Melamine Faced Chipboard effortlessly embodies the essence of Minimalist style. Its ability to create a serene and unobtrusive atmosphere makes it a staple material for those seeking simplicity in their living spaces.

  1. Contemporary

Contemporary furniture design embraces the spirit of the present, often incorporating bold colors, innovative shapes, and a mix of materials. MFC’s adaptability shines in the Contemporary style, allowing for a diverse range of finishes and patterns.

Be it a vibrant MFC coffee table or an avant-garde shelving unit. This material empowers homeowners to infuse their spaces with contemporary charm. Even without having to sacrifice practicality.

Why MFC Material is Good for Home Furniture


You are already familiar with the furniture styles suitable for your home, especially when utilizing an MFC board. However, why does MFC make a good furniture material?

MFC is strong and durable, making it suitable for long-term use. Its aesthetic versatility allows it to mimic the look of many natural materials, giving homeowners a wide range of design options.

Additionally, MFC is cost-effective, making it a budget-friendly furniture option. In addition to its low maintenance, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean properties, it is also a good choice for busy households.

MFC’s adaptability in design allows for the creation of diverse furniture styles, catering to different preferences. In addition, many MFC products prioritize environmental sustainability, offering eco-friendly options for environmentally conscious homeowners.

In short, MFC combines durability, aesthetic appeal, affordability, and easy maintenance. Besides, MFC also has adaptability in design, and environmental friendliness. Making it an excellent choice for enhancing the comfort and style of home interiors.

It is important for you to know these information about MFC. If the MFC material used is of high quality, every style mentioned previously will also be good and durable.

If you are currently interested in using it as a home furniture material, RPI is the right choice.RPI or PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia is a company that produces quality Melamine Faced Chipboard materials. In fact, we have gained the trust of many clients around the world. To get more information about MFC, prices, and other information, visit RPI’s main page here!

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