Create the Most Attractive Office Product Designs Using MFC

Most working people will spend almost half of their time in the office. So creating a comfortable working in an office environment is a must. You can use MFC material from PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia to make good and comfortable office products.

Melamine Faced Chipboard is a material you can use to make various office products. This material is very efficient to design and is available in a variety of color choices. Apart from that, the price of the MFC Board is also affordable, so it can minimize office expenses.

4 Office Products That You Can Make Using MFC

Usually, you can make an office product from wood, iron, or mild steel but as we all know these materials are expensive. The solution to get good quality and durable office products with a minimal budget is using the MFC Board. Here are 4 office products that you can make using Melamine Faced Chipboard.

  1. Office Desk

A desk is an object that must be present in every office and has an important function. Tables made of wood are usually susceptible to termite attacks, while tables made of iron tend to be heavy.

But by using a table made of melamine-faced chipboard, you won’t experience this problem. This material has a dense structure. So this material will be safe from termite attack and also it is light in weight.

  1. Shelves

The shelf is one of the office products you can make from a Melamine Faced Board. By using this material, the documents on the shelves will be safer. The reason is that chipboard shelves can withstand hot, cold, and humid temperatures.

  1. Cupboard

Usually, manufacturers make office cupboards from mild steel or iron. Water exposure can cause these materials to rust, leading to damage to the office equipment inside. To prevent this, use a melamine-faced type of chipboard that is resistant to damage even when exposed to water or humidity.

  1. Room Divider

You can also use Melamine Faced Chipboard as room divider material. This material is light in weight and is available in various patterns and colors. So you can choose the color, pattern, and size that suits your needs.

Apart from the four office products above, you can also use the MFC board for various other purposes. For example, you can use it to make pedestals, floors, whiteboards, and more.

5 Advantages of RPI’s Melamine Faced Chipboard for Office Products

Now, you already know that chipboard is ideal and efficient for use as a material or base for office products. Make sure to contact PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia directly for those of you who are still confused about where to buy an MFC Board.

PT Rimba Partikel Indonesia guarantees that it provides a variety of processed wood products that are strong and processed in a way that is safe for the environment. RPI chipboard products also have many interesting advantages, including:

  1. Guaranteed to be strong and not easily damaged
  2. Affordable prices
  3. Easy installation and maintenance of office products
  4. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes
  5. Environmentally friendly

After knowing the various advantages above, it would be a loss if you are still hesitant to buy RPI Chipboard products. So don’t wait any longer, contact the RPI team via WhatsApp and determine your choice of MFC material now.

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